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Welfare reform

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Welfare reform

The welfare system is there to protect those in society who are economically disadvantaged due to a variety of circumstances. It seeks to give everyone similar opportunitiesĀ and protect the wellbeing of the poor.

Benefits cap changes

The Government introduced a benefit cap for those receiving housing benefit or Universal Credit of £500 per week for single parents and couples with children in 2013.

From 7 November 2016 the cap is being lowered to £384.62 per week for these households, which will affect 323 families across the borough, with 88 seeing their benefits reduced by more than £100 per week.

To help prepare them for these changes, and avoid people getting into financial difficulties, the council has contacted all those affected, urging them to get in touch.

The benefits that are included in the cap are:

Anyone affected by the changes should contact us by email or phoning 01795 417622.

Changes to benefits

Changes to the benefit system were introduced in April 2013 due to the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

The government in a bid to try to reduce the level of national debt have introduced these changes to the way people receive their benefits and the amount they receive. In addition, they are encouraging people of working age to return to work to show that work pays:

Further advice

For independent advice about changes to your benefits, or help with eligibility:

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