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Volunteer Swale Award winners

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Awards 2016

2016 Swale Volunteer Award winners:

Award Winners 2016

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View photos of the awards on our Facebook page.

The hard work and dedication of volunteers affects every single one of us. At some point we have all had our lives enriched by passionate volunteers.

Here is a short film highlighting just some of the impact that volunteers have in Swale.

Awards 2015

Volunteer Swale Award Logo

Award Winners 2015

2015 Swale Volunteer Award winners:

View photos of the awards on Photobox Gallery.

Here is a short film to highlight some of the volunteer roles across Swale, and the ages of those they are helping.

Volunteer Swale Awards 2014

2014 saw the very first Volunteer Swale Awards. The awards took place on Friday 21 March at the Coniston Hotel in Sittingbourne. These awards received 102 nominations for inspirational volunteers throughout the borough of Swale.

Award Winners


Swale Awards pictures from the evening can be viewed on the Photobox Gallery.

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