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Traffic Regulation Orders


A TRO is a legal order. It allows the Highway Authority (Kent County Council) to regulate the speed, movement and parking of vehicles. The act governing Traffic Orders is the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and is enforceable by law.

In Kent, moving Traffic Orders are enforced by the police and parking restrictions are enforced by local councils.

On average, a Traffic Regulation Order can take between nine and 12 months from when it is agreed in principle and funded, to implementation. It is a lengthy procedure because we have to adhere to the statutory periods of advertising and consultation. To ensure efficient creation of TRO's, proposals are 'batched' consisting of numerous proposals, and processed as one project.

Anyone can object to or support a proposed TRO's and comments must be submitted before the end of the consultation period, which is clearly stated in each order.

At the end of the consultation period, all feedback from the public will be considered for a decision on the implementation of the order. The results of the consultation are considered by the Joint Transportation Board, who are a cross party advisory panel of Councillors, recommendations are then made and a report is subsequently compiled and a decision is made by the Cabinet Member for Environment.

After this point, approved restrictions can be implemented and enforced from the date advertised, proposals may also be amended which will include further consultation or a proposal may be rejected.

For more information visit the Traffic Management Act 2004 website.

Please note, a Variation Order of the highest number supersedes all previous TRO's in relation to any amendments of restrictions in the specified roads.

Kent County Council as the Highway Authority is also responsible for implementing restrictions such as School Keep Clear markings and double yellow line corner protection restrictions. View the Traffic Regulation Orders  by KCC for the borough of Swale.

Traffic Regulation Orders for Swale

View all the Traffic Regulation Orders for Swale in one place. Click to visit the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website.

Off street parking order 2017

View the off street parking places order 2017.

Kent County Council order 2010

The Kent County Council (various roads, borough of Swale) (waiting restrictions and street parking places) (consolidation) order 2010.
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