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The KLAS Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct requires landlords to comply with the law and to carry out urgent works promptly.

"I declare that I will conform to the Kent Landlord Accreditation Schemes Code of Conduct: -

All tenants will be treated with appropriate courtesy and respect.

  1. I will always act in a fair, honest and reasonable way in all my dealings with tenants and will respect their rights to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the property;
  2. I will not discriminate in my dealings with prospective and/or existing tenants or treat them less favourably than others because of their colour, creed, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, sex, marital status, sexuality, politics, or their responsibility for dependants;
  3. I will, except in case of an emergency, give the tenant reasonable notice (at least 24 hours and in writing, stating reasons) when access to the property is required by the landlord, contractor or agent.
  4. I will provide tenants with a written statement of the terms of their occupancy (a tenancy agreement), together with a current inventory, a contact telephone number or other means of contacting the landlord or their agent in an emergency, and details of how any tenancy deposit is held or what conditions are attached to the tenancy deposit or bond, deposited with me before April 2007;
  5. For agents, I will provide a written statement of terms and conditions to landlords detailing all the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of the agency agreement.
  6. I will acknowledge promptly all written communications received from the tenant and will respond appropriately to telephone or other messages and will, when so requested, provide the tenant with a written statement of their tenancy account;
  7. Before proceedings are commenced, I will notify the tenant in writing of any breach of the tenancy agreement that is to be used as a basis for legal proceedings against the tenant;
  8. I will not cause harassment to a tenant or instruct or undertake any action that involves the tenant being illegally evicted or harassed;
  9. Subject to any statute and/or separate agreements and unless I have good legal cause, I will return promptly at the end of the tenancy, any deposit paid by the tenant, which is held by me or on my behalf. If required, a written statement accounting for and explaining any deductions will be provided. The tenant will also be told of the steps they can take if they are not satisfied that the deductions are fair and reasonable.
  10. I will not refuse a tenant a reference for the purposes of securing a new tenancy, without good cause. The landlord will, and an agent will take all reasonable steps to, ensure that the tenant is provided with accommodation that complies with relevant legal requirements, in particular
  11. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure all accommodation I provide will afford a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupier or visitor. That it contains no Category 1 hazards, under the Housing Health and Safety Rating system, is in a satisfactory state of repair, has adequate amenities and meets basic standards of management.
    • Agents who are not responsible for property standards will inform the landlord in writing of any areas requiring attention, or other statutory requirement, and will notify the local authority if the landlord fails to rectify. However in the case of a serious risk to anyone's health or safety, I will, when made aware by any occupier, also advise them to notify the local authority. In the event of the occupier being unable to do this I will report the matter on their behalf.
    • Landlords, or managing agents, will prepare an improvement plan if the property does not meet the current standards. The improvement plan will set out how, and within what period, improvement will take place. Any local authority having reason to inspect such a property, whilst fulfilling their statutory functions, may request this plan.
  12. Any disrepair or defects, bought to my attention by the tenant for whom I am responsible will be attended to promptly with minimum disturbance to the tenant.
  13. Subject to statutory rights of appeal, I will comply with all statutory notices served by a local authority;
  14. My properties will hold any necessary property licences or registrations required by law.
  15. Subject to statutes, I shall hold all relevant safety and inspection certificates and reports, and carry out regular servicing of fitting, fixtures, installations or appliances as required in accordance with good practice. Where necessary copies of these will be provided to the tenants;
  16. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all properties under my control are occupied.
  17. I will inform in writing all my tenants that I am a member of the Scheme and provide them with the Scheme's contact details.
  18. I will not advertise or claim any property as belonging to any person or organisation accredited under the Scheme unless the responsible local authority's private sector housing team has been notified in writing that the property is (or is to be) rented out to tenants;
  19. I will take steps to maintain and improve my knowledge of current relevant legislation and good practice.
  20. For agents only, I will provide all landlords with information about the Scheme and urge them to apply to join the scheme.
  21. I will keep my personal information, which has been provided to the Scheme, up to date, either by updating my details on the website database or by inform the Scheme, in writing, of any changes. 
  22. I will not act in such a manner that brings the Scheme into disrepute. 

All references to an individual in this Code will apply equally to relevant Directors, Partners and/or employees of a Company or business accredited under this scheme."

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