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The Fouling of Land by Dogs PSPO

The Fouling of Land by Dogs Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) 2017

Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.


1. If a dog defecates at any time on land to which this Order applies and a person who is in charge of the dog at that time fails to remove the faeces from the land forthwith, that personal shall be guilty of an offence unless-

2. Nothing in this article applies to a person who-

3. For the purposes of this article-

1. Dogs for the Disabled (registered charity number 700454)

2. Support Dogs (registered charity number 1088281)

3. Canine Partners for Independence (registered charity number 803680


4) A person who is guilty of an offence shall be issued with a fixed penalty notice. The amount of the penalty is £100. Failure to pay the fixed penalty will result in prosecution.

Schedule 1

This Order applies to all land which is within the administrative area of Swale Borough and which is-

1. Open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access (with or without payment). (Any land that is covered shall be treated as land that is 'open to the air' if it is open to the air on at least one side).

2. Any clearly defined made up pathway that is surfaced by tarmac, gravel, shingle or concrete and any groomed grass area beside said pathway

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