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Emerging Local Plan for Swale

The Next Local Plan

• The Government requires all Councils to revisit their Local Plans every five years. We are therefore beginning work on the early stages of the Council’s next Local Plan, which we are aiming to complete by 2022. It will cover the period from 2022-2038

• We will be publishing a Local Development Scheme shortly which will set out the timetable for preparing the next Local Plan.

• Our adopted Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we are going to consult and engage you. There will be various opportunities for you to get involved and over time we will be expanding our website to include these further activities and any evidence that we will have completed.

• As part of the Sustainability Appraisal for the Emerging Local Plan Swale Borough Council have commissioned AECOM to prepare a Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report. This report sets out the scope of the Sustainability Appraisal; ie the sustainability issues and objectives that should be the focus of, and provide a methodological framework for the appraisal of the emerging Local Plan. Although this document is not formally published for consultation, If you have any comments on this draft document please email these to by 5th July 2018.

Looking Ahead – our first consultation document

• We have published the consultation and engagement document ‘Looking ahead’ to give you an early opportunity to shape the scope and content of the next Local Plan. You can view further details on our Current Consultations Page

The Swale New Garden Communities Prospectus

• Swale is facing considerable challenges as to how it can plan for the significant levels of new homes that it will be expected to provide in future.

• We asked landowners and developers to submit proposals for new communities so that we could see if this option should be considered by the next local plan.

• We published a Prospectus which explains what a ‘garden’ community is and what we expected to see included within any submission.

• The following submissions have now been received:

• These submissions are currently being independently assessed. We will then decide whether any new communities should be shortlisted as one of the options to be considered by the next local plan.

• In order to support its activities, the Council has made a bid to join the Government’s Garden Communities programme.

• If you have any questions about the Prospectus or the new settlement process, please contact or call 01795 417344.

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