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Swale Youth Forum

Swale Youth Forum

Swale Youth Forum logo

Swale Youth Forum meets six times a year, three of these meetings take place in the Council Chambers at Swale House and the other 3 are hosted by one of the secondary schools. These meetings provide the young people of Swale with an opportunity to discuss current issues with relevant agencies. It helps young people in Swale aged between 11 and 19 to get their voice heard and, with new social media links, the opportunity to say what concerns them all year round. It also gives them a chance to learn new skills and get involved in resolving those issues that matter most to the young people of the borough.

The first Swale Youth Forum meeting was held on 15 March 1994 and has continued to enable young people in Swale to identify, discuss and debate local issues together with areas of concern that they considered were important. Every year the Mayor and three Councillors from across Swale serve as representatives on the Forum. This enables concerns and issues raised by the delegates to be taken back to the Council for action and ensures that the Forum has a voice which is heard by Council.

All secondary schools within Swale attend and take turns in providing a Chairman to lead the Forum. The Forum has links and works closely with Kent County Council Youth Services and in particular the Swale Youth Advisory Group.

The agenda for each forum will be set the month before, anyone wishing to submit an item for inclusion should contact our Community Services Team.

Follow Swale Youth Forum on Twitter.

Dates for future meetings:

 For more information email or phone 01795 417142 for more information.

SYF Minutes - 21 June 2017

View the Swale Youth Forum Minutes - 21 June 2017 (PDF 111kb).

SYF Minutes - 3 May 2017

View the Swale Youth Forum Minutes - 3 May 2017 (PDF 195kb).

SYF Minutes - 22 March 2017

View the Swale Youth Forum Minutes - 22 March 2017 (PDF 195kb).

SYF Minutes - 8 February 2017

View the Swale Youth Forum Minutes - 8 February 2017 (PDF 195kb).

SYF Minutes - 7 December 2016

View the Swale Youth Forum Minutes - 7 December 2016 (PDF 205kb).

SYF Minutes - 19 October 2016

View the Swale Youth Forum Minutes - 19 October 2016 (PDF 178kb).
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