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Strategies and Plans

View a variety of strategies and plans from a number of departments around the Council. These feature a number of different issues from the environment to social housing.

Corporate Equality Scheme

The Corporate Equality Scheme sets out how we will meet our legal requirements under the Equality Act 2010.

Community Safety Plan

This document details the priorities that the Community Safety Partnership will tackle.

Parking Services Annual Report

This report details what services the Parking Services department provides and gives an overview as to why Civil Parking Enforcement is required in Swale.

Communications Strategy

This strategy outlines where we will focus our communications activities during the year.

Annual Health and Safety Report

This Summary provides information for all staff accidents.

Corporate Plan 2015-2018

This sets out how we will deliver essential services to improve the lives of the people that live, work and visit Swale.

Homelessness Strategy

Prevent homelessness within the Borough and enable unavoidably homeless households to secure accommodation suitable for their needs.

Communication First Strategy

Our Communications Strategy for 2014 - 15 sets out its approach and priorities for effective communications.

Economic Development Strategy

Our Economic Development Strategy sets out a course us and our partners to stimulate local growth, and sets out a series of priorities and actions for the next three years.

Customer Access Strategy

We aim to provide excellent and efficient services to everyone.

Tenancy Strategy

This strategy looks at how we can best use the important but limited resource of social/affordable rented housing to meet the needs of households that find it difficult to find a home.

Volunteering Strategy

This Volunteering Strategy sets out a strategic approach for us to increase volunteering within Swale.

Procurement Strategy

This strategy outlines our aims for 2013-16 and shows how procurement will contribute towards achieving the priorities set down in the corporate plan.

Realising our ambitions for Swale

'Realising our ambitions for Swale' is the borough strategy - setting out our aims for the future of the district and partnership priorities.

Planning Enforcement Strategy

View the Planning Enforcement Strategy and Service Charter.

Property Asset Strategy 2017-2020

The Property Asset Strategy sets out the strategic management of building assets owned or managed by us.

Vision for Kent

The Kent Forum is proud to present this Vision for Kent - Kent's Sustainable Community Strategy. (PDF - 458kb)

Housing Strategy

Our Housing Strategy is an over-arching document that reviews all housing related issues in Swale. It sets out housing aims and objectives, establishes priorities for action and includes a comprehensive Action Plan.

Open Space Strategy 2009 - 2014

A strategic framework for the future management of the Borough's open spaces

Anti Fraud and Corruption Strategy

The Council will not tolerate fraud and corruption, and is committed to an open, honest and effective anti fraud and corruption strategy.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Our Biodiversity Action Plan explains our plans for managing and leveraging local biodiversity to support and enhance the quality of life and economy in Swale.

Green Grid Strategy

The Green Grid is a strategic, joined up approach to land management.

Carbon Management Plan 2009 - 2013

We signed the Nottingham Declaration in November 2007 and this Carbon Management Plan is an important element in meeting our obligations.
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