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Abandoned shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Why are abandoned shopping trolleys an issue?

Abandoned trolleys can cause environmental issues as well as being a hazard for pedestrians, motorists and wildlife. They can also pollute waterways and obstruct the flow of water.
It is the responsibility of all supermarkets to reclaim their abandoned shopping trolleys.

What can I do to help?

To help reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys you can do the following:

How to report an abandoned trolley


Trolleywise are a professional trolley retrieval service that is effective in saving money, reducing waste through unnecessary loss and helping to protect the environment.

Freephone: 0800 316 1241 (8am-6pm, answer machine after hours)

Trolleywise currently operate on behalf of Sainsbury's, Asda and  Iceland.

Trolleywise are also currently in partnership agreement with British Waterways which allows them to operate on behalf of BW in their canal networks.

Trolley Collection Service (TCS)

Trolley Collection Service undertake any task to retrieve abandoned trolleys on a 24hr basis. The company specialises in the collection of shopping trolleys from the streets, rivers and waterways.

Freephone: 01392 882 210

TCS currently operate on behalf of Tesco and other retailers such as Morrisons and Budgens.

Where trolleys represent a health and safety hazard on a road or pavement they should be reported to Swale Borough Council at Customer Services or call Waste Enquiries 01795 417888.

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