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Road maintenance

Kent County Council, the Highway Authority, is responsible for maintenance with most roads in the borough.

Motorway and trunk road issues are dealt with by the Highways England. 

A road defect is not just a pothole in the carriageway or uneven footpath, they can also consist of broken/missing manhole covers, blocked drains, damaged signs, broken street furniture etc. All reported defects are inspected by Highway Inspectors. Repairs are prioritised and where necessary repaired as an emergency.

Please note that neither organisation are responsible for repairs to private roads - this has to be done by either the residents or the developer.

How to report a road needing repair

Potholes and other road and pavement defects can be a danger to road users and pedestrians. Therefore it is important to repair these issues whenever they occur.

If you see a road or pavement issue, please tell Kent County Council (KCC) about it. You can use either their online fault reporting form or call KCC 24 hours a day on 0300 0418 181.

In order to help them find and repair the pothole or other issue, it is useful if you can give them details about its size and location.

Road closure applications

Roadworks are the most common reason for closing a road. But we also close roads for other reasons: street parties, events, building demolition and the use of heavy plant machinery on the highway. More information about road closure applications can be found on KCC's website where information can also be found on planned highway work in Swale.

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