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Public meetings in Swale

Community engagement

We will organise public meetings at relevant times throughout the year when a significant issue or decision is of sufficient impact to the borough that it requires a public meeting outside of the usual consultation processes.  

When called, the dates of public meetings will be publicised here, Facebook and Twitter and in the local press.

The decision as to whether our resources should be used to organise a public meeting is considered in relation to the following criteria:

Public meetings within wards

Where an issue or subject for discussion is related to a specific local area or contained to a single ward, local councillors are responsible for organising and hosting public meetings in that locality as and when they consider they are required.

Who makes the decision

Who does the issue affect?
Who decides on holding a public meeting?Who organises, publicises and hosts the public meeting?
Single Ward/ local issue Local councillors and/or Parish councils Local councillors and/or Parish councils organise and host.
A significant proportion of residents or businesses across the Borough Leader, Cabinet Member for whom the subject falls within their portfolio, and Director of relevant service area.

Council Communications Service organises and publicises the meeting.

Relevant Cabinet Member chairs the meeting with the support of officers and partners as relevant.

Who to contact

Should you wish to request the council consider holding a Public Meeting for the borough, considering the criteria outlined, please email the Communications Service, or phone 01795 417153 or the relevant Cabinet Member.

Local Engagement Forms

Between 2009 and 2015 the council held public meetings in Faversham, Sittingbourne and Sheppey every quarter, known as Local Engagement Forums. Due to a decreasing amount of community participation in these events, in March 2016 the council took the decision to cease the Local Engagement Forums in their previous form. The 'you said we did' information on past meetings can be viewed on our archive.

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