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We are currently updating our payment system. You may notice some changes in the forms that you use to pay for things like licences and your council tax. If you have any questions, please contact our customer services team.

Contact the Procurement Team

Procurement advice

General advice

At present our procurement is guided by our purchasing guide and contract standing orders, both of which can be viewed via the links below:

To compete in the public sector market place, potential suppliers must prepare themselves like any other enterprise wishing to compete for business. This will require having clear business plans, sound finances, good controls over their activities (such as Health and Safety and other legal compliance) as well as the capacity to deliver services for which they wish to tender.

Be realistic about the size of contract you wish to take on. We will not normally award individual contracts exceeding about a quarter of the company's turnover as this can cause cash flow difficulties where the business has insufficient working capital to finance the project.

At pre-tender stage, it is possible for us to enter into dialogue with prospective suppliers to discuss the way in which services could be delivered. We always welcomes innovative ways of addressing problems and where appropriate will concentrate on outputs and outcomes as opposed to strict specifications of how the service is to be carried out. 

More general business support and advice which may help in pursuing contracts within the public sector can be found through the following useful website links:

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