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Processing a Planning Application


The extent of the consultations undertaken will vary depending on the type of development proposed. However, advice is always sought on the highway aspects of applications received. Owners and occupiers of neighbouring properties are also notified.

If the influence of the development is likely to be particularly wide, or if it is sited in a Conservation area or involves a Listed building the Council will also advertise the application on site and in the local newspaper.

Copies of all applications are available for inspection at the Planning Services Reception area in Swale House during normal office hours and may be discussed with the Planning Officers.

Copies of all current applications for the Sheppey and Faversham areas are also held at the district offices. A telephone link from each district office to the main council offices allows discussion with the Area Team. Alternatively, a Planning Officer is available at the district office each Wednesday morning.

The Council is pleased to receive the views of local residents, adjoining owners and other interested parties on current applications. All formal comments should be made in writing and only relate to the planning issues raised by the application since these are the only matters to which the Council can have regard when determining an application. Relevant issues would include, for example:

All representations received are carefully considered before the planning application is determined by the Council. Copies of representations do though have to be made available for public inspection.

Anyone commenting formally on an application will be notified of the decision.

Time Limit

The Council aims to determine applications within eight weeks from the date of receipt of a valid application. The Council's Planning Committee meet every four weeks to consider the larger and more controversial applications received as well as planning enforcement matters.

The public do have an opportunity to speak at the Planning Committee, where they can make their views known on a planning application. View details of Planning Committee meeting dates.

Right of Appeal

An applicant has a right of appeal to the Secretary of State against the decision of the Local Planning Authority (LPA) where it has:

More information

You will find a more detailed explanation of the appeal process on the Planning Portal. You can also contact our planning team.

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