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Planning permission

Please note that from 5 March 2018, planning's public access system which allows you to search for planning applications online will be undergoing planned maintenance. For more information and further dates you can read our news article.

Do I need planning permission?

To find out if you need planning permission or for information on works you can do without planning permission, the Planning Portal website gives all the information needed for householders and businesses.

What is permitted development?

Not all extensions, new buildings or changes of use require planning permission.

Planning legislation specifies types of development which can be carried out as permitted development without our planning approval.

The most common of these permitted development rights relate to extensions and alterations to dwelling houses, although they also apply to retail, industrial and other types of development. They also allow certain changes of use.

The legislation around this can be very complicated so for advice, the Planning Portal section on permissions for the most up to date information.

Permitted development rights are restricted for buildings in conservation areas. Many of those restrictions are applied across the country and are set out on the Planning Portal.

Confirmation from us

If you think you don't need planning permission, you can apply to the council for a lawful development certificate. This will give you written confirmation of whether your works require planning permission.

If you should wish to apply to the Council to check whether a proposed development doesn't need planning permission, you will need to submit a Lawful development certificate form, and refer to the notes and checklist.

If you think planning permission is needed, please view our 'Making a Planning Application page' for more information on how to do it.

Extra restrictions  - Article 4 directions

It is important to note that Swale Borough Council has made Article 4 and 4(2) directions in some of its conservation areas. These directions can restrict permitted development rights or your right to carry out certain works without planning permission.

Many houses within Faversham Conservation Area and in some other areas of the Borough are covered by an article 4(2) direction. See if your Faversham property is included within an Article 4 direction.

The Council have produced a leaflet entitled 'Alterations to your home in the Faversham Conservation Area' regarding the Article 4(2) direction in Faversham and how it might affect you and your property.

Other types of permission

There are a number of other types of permission that may be needed. These include; works on trees, conservation areas and listed buildings, demolitions and high hedges.

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