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Pigeons and birds

Combined pigeon deposits can weigh up to several tons and costs the UK over £25million a year to clear up.


An image showing a Gull, Pigeon and bird fouling in a kitchen.

Pest biology

The Feral Pigeon is descended from a domesticated strain of the Rock Dove. Feral Pigeons generally have red feet, a body length of 31-34cm and a weight of 250-560g. They build their nests in or on buildings, ledges or in hollows - often under eaves or on girders.

Problems they cause

Pigeons have been known to carry diseases such as:

The dried droppings can be inhaled as dust and spread infection. Pigeon droppings can also cause damage to buildings as well as unsightliness and slip hazards on walkways.

What you can do to help

Do not provide any possible food source. Many people will feed pigeons and birds.

Commercial Control Methods

There are a number of pest birds to control. The birds we will control will be gulls, corvids, pigeons and doves.

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