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Our parks

Green spaces are an important part of the neighbourhoods and towns in which we live and a broad range of public green space includes: parks and gardens, recreation grounds and playing fields, urban fringe country parks, allotments neighbourhood playgrounds, riverbanks, linear walks and roadside verges. The variety and contrast of types helps to ensure that everybody's outdoor leisure and recreational preferences can be accommodated and the broadest possible range of benefits delivered.

The Council own or manage 309 hectares of major urban and country parks. In addition, numerous small pieces of open space are located in housing and town centre areas contributing greatly to the urban green landscape. The major parks are located throughout the borough and vary in character from the formal such as Faversham Recreation Ground to the informal at The Glen, Minster.

Major parks and recreation grounds


No. NameSize (ha) Play Area Sports Pitches Gardens Car Park Toilets Cafe
1 King George V Recreation Ground 3.2 Y Y Y Y    
2 Faversham Recreation Ground 8.1 Y Y   Y Y  


No. NameSize (ha) Play Area Sports Pitches Gardens Car Park Toilets Cafe
2 King George's Playing Field 6.3 Y Y   Y Y Y
3 Sittingbourne Recreation Ground 3.8 Y Y        
4 Murston Recreation Ground 4.7   Y   Y    
5 Rectory Playing Field 5.9 Y     Y    
6 Milton Recreation Ground 7.6 Y Y   Y    
7 Kemsley Recreation Ground 6.4 Y Y        
8 Grove Park 26.4 Y Y   Y    
9 Johnson House Gardens 1     Y      


No. NameSize (ha) Play Area Sports Pitches Gardens Car Park Toilets Cafe
10 King George's Playing Field, Queenborough 1.8 Y Y        
11 Queenborough Park 0.2 Y   Y   Y  
12 Rushenden Hill 7.6 Y          
13 Festival Playing Field, Sheerness 2.8 Y Y        
14 Beachfields Park, Sheerness 1.7 Y   Y Y Y Y
15 Queenborough Lines, Sheerness 20.3 Y          
16 Seager Road Sports Ground, Sheerness 7.8   Y        
17 The Fleet, Sheerness 1.5 Y          
18 Trinity Gardens, Sheerness 0.6 Y   Y      
19 Bartons Point Coastal Park, Sheerness 31.3 Y Y Y Y
20 Abbey Rise, Minster 4.3 Y          
21 The Glen, Minster 8 Y          
22 Dicksons Field, Eastchurch 1.5 Y Y   Y    
23 The Spinney, Leysdown 0.6 Y       Y  

Woodlands and country parks

View details of all our woodlands and country parks.
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