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Contact the Environmental Response Team


Noise from neighbours can be annoying, stressful and can have a huge impact on people's lives. If noise is considered and shown to be a statutory nuisance, then action can be taken by the council to tackle this.

How to make a complaint

Report a noise issue online. (redirects securely to 

Out of hours service

Phone 01795 417575 after 5pm, leave a message and our team will respond the following day.

Calls placed at the weekend during the following hours will be responded to at the time, by our 'out of hours' noise team:

You will be required to leave the following information:

What to do if you are bothered by noise

What we can do

We are required by law to investigate noise complaints and we can take action if the noise is deemed to be a statutory nuisance.

Typical noise issues we can deal with

Noise that we cannot deal with

Further information

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