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We are currently updating our payment system. You may notice some changes in the forms that you use to pay for things like licences and your council tax. If you have any questions, please contact our customer services team.

Contact Planning Services

Mid Kent Planning Support Services


The service is based at Maidstone House.

You can contact them by email or by writing to:

Mid Kent Planning Support
Maidstone House
King Street
Kent, ME15 6JQ


The planning department at each authority, is made up of many different teams and the service has brought together the:

The planning officers remain based at Maidstone and Swale and will continue to make decisions on applications within their respective boroughs.

What about the Planning Officers? 

The service does not affect the Planning Officers who will remain based here at Swale House. They are using a system, which along with the backlog of work has put them under increased pressure with processing and making decisions on applications.

Validation timescales

Once valid, applications go to our scanning team. All applications need to be scanned in order to get the information on our website, and allow consultations to start.

Over 80% of applications are validated within five working days. We'll confirm if your application is valid or not within those five working days. If you do not hear from us within 10 working days, email as there may be a problem with registering your application.

Target dates and the backlog

Central government say that we should be dealing with applications in eight weeks (for minor applications) and 13 weeks (for major applications) from the date an application is validated.

There is a backlog of work within each authority which is being managed within their planning teams, who are increasingly able to meet these target dates or to an agreed extension of time. Regardless of the target date attached to an application, all consultations will run for their full length. This is normally 21 days.

Planning payments

Planning search

You can search for planning applications on our search portal. This will have all of the planning applications for Maidstone and Swale in one place.

Online forms

Latest Planning news

Read about the latest planning news which might affect you.
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