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Local requirements

Consultation on Local Validation checklist (November 2016)

We would like your views on our proposed amendments to the local validation checklist.

Our Validation Checklist is used alongside the national requirements to validate planning applications. It forms part of the application process, confirming what is required to validate and process an application. It also includes additional guidance which will help prevent unnecessary delays or refusals.

As regulations have changed we have amended our checklist.  Please read our new validation checklist which now includes reference to the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Email your comments to us by 23 December 2016.

Or post them to:

Mid Kent Planning Support
Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ

Planning application validation requirements

As part of a drive to provide a quicker, more predictable and efficient planning service, the Government has introduced a system of standard planning application forms (1 APP). Alongside this, the Government is recommending that new information requirements for the validation of planning applications are adopted by all local authorities.

Many applications submitted to local authorities are invalid for all sorts of avoidable reasons, e.g. forms not signed or ownership certificates not submitted. Additionally information is often required where specific circumstances apply e.g. an area vulnerable to flooding. All of this delays the processing of applications and makes the planning service less efficient.

In response to this and to support the introduction of the 1APP forms, the Government introduced a national list of validation requirements i.e. the minimum information that is required so that a planning application can be registered, known as the validation checklist. 

Local list of validation requirements for planning applications

Local planning authorities were also invited to produce their own local lists of information requirements to accompany the 1 APP planning application forms.

We have now adopted a list of local information requirements intended to cover all scenarios relating to development proposals. The intention is to help developers prepare applications properly with all information submitted at the start of the process. However, where such information is not submitted then the applications will be invalid and not registered until the receipt of the outstanding information is provided. It may then be returned with an explanation why.

The checklist requires a positive input, i.e. if information is not submitted as shown on the checklist then the applicants are asked to demonstrate why it is not required. The intention behind this is to encourage applicants to positively address issues and explain why such information might not be required.

Applications must include all the information and documents specified (national requirements) on the form and the appropriate validation checklist. Additional guidance notes are also available.

You will need to include a Scale Bar on all plans included in your application. The planning portal includes best practice advice about maps and plans for planning applications.

If you are not sure which application form you need, please contact Planning Services.

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