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Local Plan Submission and Examination in Public

You will find a comprehensive set of documents on our library page relating to the Local Plan (from Submission Stage April 2015), including all supporting evidence and information, together with notes from the Inspector leading the EIP.

A summary of events in the process to date follows (with most recent first), with links to key documents.

Resumed Examination in Public (January / February 2017)

The initial part of the Examination in Public concluded on the 16 December 2015. However, we would like to remind everyone that the Examination remains open as there are further steps in the process, with the Council responding to the Inspector's Interim Findings. The EIP resumes on the 31 January 2017 to debate representations on the Main Modifications to the Local Plan. The Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions is now available (ID/11).

Lynette Duncan is the Programme Officer, who is managing the administration of the examination on behalf of the Inspector.

You can contact her by email, by phoning 07855 649904, or in writing: Local Plan Programme Officer, Swale Borough Council, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, ME10 3HT.

Programme officer documents

Note from the Programme Officer (14 December 2016)
Resumed Hearings programme v6 (6 February 2017)
Resumed Hearings Letter (4 November 2016)
Hearings programme (16 November 2015)
Letter of introduction

Bearing Fruits Main Modifications Consultation 2016: Update 28 November 2016

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Bearing Fruits Proposed Main Modifications Consultation during summer 2016. We have had an enormous response online, by letters and emails, most of which arrived during the last few days of the consultation. 

It has taken some time to upload all of them to the online system and make them available for public viewing. They have been assigned as far as possible to the part of the Plan to which they relate. You can view comments which have been made by everyone else against that part of the Plan and a schedule of responses (SBC/PS/117) made by the Council is now available. A summary of Key Issues (SBC/PS/115) is also available.

Bearing Fruits 2031: The Swale Borough Local Plan Proposed Main Modifications (June 2016)

The main modifications to the Plan were made in response to the Inspector's Interim Findings.

The consultation ran from 24 June -8 August 2016, and is now closed.

The documents for consultation included:

The Local Plan consultation document is available on a chapter by chapter basis, for ease of downloading:

The purpose of this consultation and Chapter 1 - Setting the scene: the context for planning in Swale
Chapter 2 - Taking a journey through Swale
Chapter 3 - Our vision, objectives and key diagram
Chapter 4 - Setting out our local plan strategy
Chapter 5 - Core planning policies
Chapter 6 - Land allocations for new development
Chapter 7 - Development management policies
Chapter 8 - Implementation and delivery plan and monitoring arrangements
Chapter 9 - Proposed modifications to the Proposal's Map: pages 366-387, pages 388-412, pages 413-437, pages 438-462, pages 463-479

Inspector's Interim Findings (February 2016)

The Inspector published her Interim Findings (ID/9a-ID9d, below) in early 2016, with an indication of Main Modifications required to make the Plan sound.

ID/9a Introduction to the Inspector's Interim Findings (4 February 2016)
ID/9b Inspector's Interim Findings - Part 1 (4 February 2016)
ID/9c Inspector's Interim Findings - Part 2 (4 February 2016)
ID/9d Inspector's Interim Findings - Part 3 (4 March 2016)

Examination of the Local Plan - first phase (December 2015)

As part of the EIP, the first tranche of hearing sessions were heard on:

A hearings programme (14 December 2015) for these sessions was produced.

The venue for the Hearing was Swale Borough Council, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT.

Pre-Hearing meeting

A Pre-Hearing meeting was held on Monday 22 June 2015 to discuss the management of the hearing sessions.

The Council's draft Proposed Modifications tabled at Examination (December 2015)

Since the submission of the Swale Borough Local Plan Part 1, and up to January 2016, the Council continued to consider whether further changes to the plan were required in response to representations received and the discussions held during the Examination hearings. As a result, a number of additional changes to the plan were placed before the Examination.  These fell under two broad headings as follows

  1. Schedule A: Main modifications - These are modifications intended to secure the overall soundness of the Local Plan. The Council has taken a cautious approach to determine whether a modification represents a main modification. Generally, where there is doubt as to the classification of a modification, the Council has included it within Schedule A; and 
  2. Schedule B: Additional modifications - These are more minor in nature and are intended to address such matters as changes to improve the understanding of text and policies, factual corrections, omissions and updating. Grammatical and typographical changes are not normally covered as they will be the subject of on-going and final editing.

Both Schedule A (Main Modifications) and Schedule B (Additional Modifications) are available (18 January 2016, SBC/PS/036A and B).

Since receiving the Inspector's Interim Findings (ID/9a-ID/9d), the Council has continued to work on modifications to the draft Local Plan, in particular, in response to the issues raised by the Inspector.

The Council's draft Proposed Responses to Representations on the Submission Plan (2015)

In addition to those statements prepared for discussion at the Examination, the Council prepared a statement of its responses to all the representations received to the Submission version of the Local Plan.

SBC/PS/018a Responses to Representations Chapters 1- 3 (6 August 2015)
SBC/PS/018b Responses to Representations Chapter 4 (29 September 2015)
SBC/PS/018c Responses to Representations Chapter 5 (15 September 2015)
SBC/PS/018d Responses to Representations on Chapter 6 (9 November 2015)
SBC/PS/018e Responses to Representations Chapter 7 (16 October 2015)
SBC/PS/018f Responses to Representations Chapter 8 (17 September 2015)

SBC/PS/018h Responses to Representations on Local Plan Supporting Documents (11 August 2015)

Submission of the draft Local Plan (2015)

Our draft Local Plan was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on the 20 April 2015. 

The Secretary of State appointed Sue Turner RIBA MRTPI IHBC BARCH MSC to conduct the examination.

The Submission Letter to the Planning Inspectorate and our Submission Statement are available to view.

A comprehensive list of documents, including copies of evidence base documents and reports, together with the representations received have also been submitted to the Inspectorate and can be viewed on our Examination document library page.

You can view the comments received on the Publication version of the Local Plan on our consultation portal.

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