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Leaflet - Safe at Home

Keep safe at home

'Here are some key tips to improve safety in your home'

In the Bathroom

In the Kitchen

In the Hall and on the Stairs

In the Bedroom

In the Living Room

In the Garden and DIY

In the U.K. each year, as many people die from home accidents, as are killed on the road. A further three million are injured in the home and treated in hospital.

Anticipation is the best accident prevention.

You can reduce the accident risk in your home by taking simple precautions.

Keeping yourself and your family safe is mostly to do with thinking ahead. Spot the danger, take precautions and avoid the pain, upset and recriminations of an accident.

The department Can ...

For Further Information

Housing Services Unit,
Swale Borough Council,
Swale House,
East Street,
Kent ME10 3HT

Telephone: 01795 417467

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