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Inviting the Mayor to a function

How to invite the Mayor to a function

Guidance Notes For Organisations

By Act of Parliament, the Mayor/Deputy Mayor has precedence in all places within the Borough of Swale.


Please enclose with the invite any additional relevant information which may assist the Mayor/Deputy Mayor, eg Annual Report, Constitution, Programme, Agenda, Order of Service, Lesson to be read, Toast List, Guest List, etc.


Please ensure that a responsible person is delegated to greet the Mayor/Deputy Mayor on arrival and that the Mayor/Deputy Mayor is then accompanied - not necessarily by the same person - for the whole event. The Mayor/Deputy Mayor will normally arrive Not More Than Five Minutes before the commencement of a function.


At events held within the borough, the Mayor/Deputy Mayor's precedence requires that he/she should be seated to the immediate right of the President, Chairman or Host. When the Mayoress/Mayor's Escort/Deputy Mayoress/Deputy Mayor's Escort attends a function on his/her own, he/she should be accorded the place reserved for the Mayor/Deputy Mayor.

Toasts and Speeches

If you wish the Mayor/Deputy Mayor to propose or respond to a Toast, or make a speech, please submit the relevant details once the booking has been confirmed by the Civic Office.

Press Releases

The local press are notified of the Mayor/Deputy Mayor's engagements by the Friday of the preceding week, but this does not mean they will attend all engagements.

Church Services

The Mayoral party should be met at the entrance to the Church and conducted, usually, to the front right hand pew. (At funeral services, it is normal for family mourners to occupy the front right hand pew and for the Mayoral party to take the left.) The congregation should rise on the Mayor/Deputy Mayor's entry and at his/her departure.

Visits to Schools, Concerts, Meetings

Where appropriate, the assembly should rise upon the Mayor/Deputy Mayor's entrance and again on his/her departure.

Mayor's Attendant

Within the borough, the Mayor's Attendant will accompany the Mayor at all times to give assistance, help the event run smoothly from the Mayor's point of view, look after any presentations, and attend upon the Mayor's departure.

Where appropriate, it will be appreciated if waiting accommodation is made available for the duration of the event. It would also be much appreciated if the Attendant could be included in the catering arrangements where necessary.

Mayoral Car

Please reserve a parking space for the Mayoral car or Deputy Mayor's car as near to the reception entrance as possible. Please indicate arrival point (ie main entrance) and supply map of venue/local area if possible.

Mode of Address

Formally, the announcements of the Mayor/Deputy Mayor should be 'The Mayor'/'The Deputy Mayor'. When in conversation, he/she should be addressed as 'Mr Mayor'/' Mr Deputy Mayor'/'Madam Mayor'/'Madam Deputy Mayor'.

The Mayoress/Mayor's Escort/Deputy Mayoress/Deputy Mayor's Escort is referred to as 'Madam Mayoress'/'Madam Deputy Mayoress' by his/her name (and title eg Doctor) or 'The Mayoress'/'The Mayor's Escort'/'Deputy Mayoress'/'The Deputy Mayor's Escort'.

Further information

Get in touch with our Civic office by email or call 01795 417392.

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