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Infectious diseases

Food-borne Infection and Outbreaks

The Commercial Team of this unit are responsible for the investigation of food-borne infection and outbreaks. Local Health Authorities are required by law to notify the council of reported cases of food poisoning or suspected food poisoning in their area.

Aims of the Service

To prevent the spread of all communicable diseases mainly relating to food borne illness by investigating cases and outbreaks. Also to provide advice to help prevent the spread of the disease as well as giving advice and guidance to help avoid people contracting food borne illnesses.

The service also responds to food hazard warnings from Central Government to help prevent the spread of illness from the consumption of contaminated food.

Useful Contacts

Kent Health Protection Unit
Level 2 Civic Centre
Tannery Lane
Kent TN23 1PL

Call: (08442) 257968

For more information contact the Environmental Health Team.

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