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Compatibility Issues with "Do it online" and Internet Explorer

Do it online

We are aware that some visitors are experiencing difficulties using our ‘do it online’ service in the web browser, Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing problems using our forms, here are some guidelines to help resolve the problem.

Please bear with us while we fix this issue.

What to do if you’re having problems.


Microsoft Windows users.


1. Internet Explorer, press the ALT key on your keyboard. You will see a menu appear at the top of the browser window, just under the address bar.


Locate the ALT key on your PC keyboard


2. Choose ‘Tools’ and select ‘Compatibility View Settings


Locate the ALT key on your PC keyboard


3. Enter ‘’ in the top box and click ‘Add’ followed by ‘Close

4. The page will reload with the settings that are compatible with our website. If you receive a message stating that your browser is out of date, this is normal however we recommend that you upgrade your browser in this situation. Alternatively, consider downloading and installing an alternative web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. There are others available if you prefer to research your own.


Apple Mac users.


1. Open Safari and go to ‘Safari’ and then ‘Preferences


Locate the ALT key on your PC keyboard


2. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab


3. Check the ‘Show Developer menu in menu bar’ option at the bottom of the popup.


Locate the ALT key on your PC keyboard


4. Go to ‘Develop’ and then choose ‘User Agent’ and select ‘Internet Explorer 10.0’ or ‘Internet Explorer 11.0’ in order to imitate that browser.

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