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Things to consider

Andrew Bowles

You will receive a personal reply by email.

You will receive a reply within 10 working days where possible. In some instances it may take a little longer as the mater may be better placed with the relevant department for reply.

You can ask any question you like as long as it is specific to council activity, civil in tone and appropriate.

If it is decided that the question is inappropriate your question will be acknowledged by email stating that it is inappropriate.

All questions submitted must be accompanied by a valid email address.

Your question and my answer will be published on our website if it is considered that it would benefit other residents. If you do not want you question published on the website, please state this clearly in your email. You will not be identified by name, we will only use the first letter of your surname and location. For example, ' Mr J of Sittingbourne' or 'Mr T of Minster'.

If your question specifically relates to another person or business by name, then those details may be removed when published. We reserve the right to reword your question for website publication.

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Don't have an email address?

As an alternative, you can write to me:

Andrew Bowles, Leader of Swale Borough Council, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT

Please remember to include your full postal address including your postcode. All further correspondence will be by letter.

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