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Housing Enforcement


Did you know if you are a landlord of a property the accommodation your provide must meet a basic safety standard?

Swale Borough Councils Housing Enforcement Team monitors and enforces standards of housing throughout the Borough in order to raise the overall quality of the housing provided by and available in the Borough.

Housing enforcement has the following aims:

Housing Enforcement issues

Housing Enforcement deals with many different housing issues across the Borough and can provide information and advice on how to deal with a wide range of problems that may arise with housing and with tenants. Housing Enforcement can provide help and information about:

Private sewers transfer 2011

Drain and sewer problems, blocked drains and transfer of ownership. What to do when the drains at your property are blocked and who is responsible for clearing of obstructions.

Find out all you need to know on our Private Sewers Transfer page.

Caravan and mobile home sites

We licence and inspect all known caravan sites and mobile home sites in the borough and would be happy to discuss or investigate issues relating to site standards and conditions.

Find out all you need to know on our Mobile Home Parks page.

Filthy and verminous properties

Where a property has become a risk to the occupier through an accumulation of waste, or through an infestation of rats, insects or other pest, we can try to help the occupier to improve the conditions or a notice can be issued to clean the property.

Problems with rats, insects or other vermin, that do not warrant formal action (for example a minor problem with rats) can be dealt with through the Swale Pest Control officer. The council can offer a free or reduced rate pest control service to local residents.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's)

The Housing Act 2004 requires Swale Borough Council to license certain types of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Swale has a minimum standard of quality for all multiply occupancy properties in the Borough, and will inspect and provide advice on existing and new HMO's.

For information about building and planning issues, or the conversion of existing housing into multiple occupancy housing, please see our Supplementary Planning Guidance, (the conversion of buildings into flats and houses of multiple occupation). Please note that these regulations are separate from housing enforcement regulations.


Areas within Swale have been tested by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) and found to be affected by low levels of Radon gas. Further information can be obtained from the Public Health England relating to the testing of properties and Radon gas or contact an Environmental Health Officer direct.


The risks associated with asbestos in residential and non residential buildings have been known for some time. The calls received by the Council regarding asbestos normally concern asbestos - cement products, used for roofing and wall cladding. These products are unlikely to release high levels of fibres because of the way they are made but precautions should be taken when dealing with them. Asbestos should be removed professionally where possible, but facilities for the disposal of asbestos are available at all the local tips in Swale, known as 'Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC's). These sites are run by Kent County Council.

Gas safety

Housing Enforcement provides information and advice on the safety of gas heaters and other gas appliances. Enforcement of Gas Safety and use regulations are through the Health and Safety Executive. All rented properties require a Gas Safety Certificate.

Our gas safety leaflet.  

Please contact 'Housing Enforcement' if you wish to discuss issues raised by this page.

More Information:

Housing Health and Safety Hazard Rating System Policy

The following policy and procedure adds to the existing policy and seeks to update the housing element.

Enforcement Policy for Housing and Environment Services

Download the enforcement policy for housing and environmental services.

Private Sewer Transfer

What to do when the drains at your property are blocked and who is responsible for clearing of obstructions.

Caravan, camping and mobile home

Licensing information relating to caravan, camping sites and mobile homes.
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