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Queenborough Harbour

The harbour and creek at Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey has mooring facilities for a range of boats, whether you are staying one night or a few months. It is well located close to the Thames and Medway Estuaries. The open sea can be reached in minutes. The harbour is now managed by the Queenborough Harbour Trust.


A range of all tide and Tidal Moorings are available for casual, seasonal and all year round hire, catering for both yachts and cruisers, moorings details are available on request.

Visitors to Queenborough can make use of an 'All Tide Landing', located at Crundell's Wharf where it can be used by mooring holders and visiting yachtsmen for a small fee.

Visiting Queenborough Harbour

Upon entering the Harbour all visitors are requested to register by making contact with harbour personnel on Channel 74, prior to changing channels.


All Tide Landing is situated on Crundells Wharf and can be used by mooring holders and visiting yachtsmen for a small fee.

There is also available, via arrangement with the Queenborough Harbour Trust, a scrubbing off berth which has fresh running water and electricity.

A secure well situated dinghy park is located a short walk from the causeway and is available for mooring holders.

There are shower facilities at the toilet block in Queenborough Park, with details on how to obtain the key on the shower door. For questions about the shower facilities or toilet block, please contact our Customer Services team.

More information

To find out more information on Queenborough Harbour and its fees and charges visit the Queenborough Harbour Trust website.

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