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Severe weather

Get ready for winter

With winter approaching, people across Swale are being urged to follow a few simple measures to keep their loved ones safe and healthy.

Prolonged cold weather can be a risk for anyone although vulnerable people, including the elderly and children, are particularly at risk.

At home

Plan ahead with food supplies.

Keep your home heated. Set the heating to the right temperature (18-21C). To save fuel, heat the living room during the day, the bathroom when needed and the bedroom, just before going to bed.

Get the flu vaccine to protect yourself and others. This is free for anyone over 65, pregnant women, those with long term conditions, and children aged two to four. Details are available at GP surgeries or pharmacies and the vaccine is free for some people.

Order repeat prescriptions in good time to make sure you have enough supply of any medicines you use.

Have your heating and cooking appliances checked regularly. If you have a chimney, make sure it has been swept recently.

If you need to go out

Wear shoes with slip resistance soles.

Make sure you are not caught out by snow and ice; stay tuned to the weather forecast. Get up-to-date traffic information. In periods of severe weather such as snow and ice, do not travel unless necessary.

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