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Fly tipping

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How do I report fly tipping?

If you witness someone fly tipping, call the police on 999. Give as much information as possible but do not put yourself in danger. If you would like to report rubbish that has already been tipped and needs investigating or clearing up:  

People responsible for fly tipping are committing a serious criminal offence and can be fined up to £50,000 if found guilty and even receive a prison sentence.

How do I ensure I do not fly tip?

There are a number of options available to dispose of your waste:

If you are having work done to your house, ensure that your builder or plumber holds a waste carriers permit demonstrating that they are aware of how to dispose of any waste appropriately. If they don't hold this permit and they fly tip, then you could also face a court appearance.

Please be particularly mindful of anyone who knocks on your door and offers to take any waste away for money. If you choose to use these services, you must ensure that you are clear on who took your waste away and how you can locate them again if your waste ends up being dumped.

What we do to tackle fly tipping

We have used covert equipment to tackle fly tipping. We have also installed two 'roving' cameras in Sheerness which can be moved to areas highlighted as hot spots. They are used to capture instances of anyone fly tipping, or causing other environmental issues.

On the spot, fixed penalty notices are also issued by all our environmental enforcement officers, which if not paid will be referred to court. If found guilty in court, a fine can be issued up to £2,500.

More information

The National Fly-tipping Prevention Group (NFTPG) is a group of organisations working together to tackle fly-tipping. You can find out more information about fly-tipping, including viewing the latest fly-tipping prevention guides for householders, businesses and landowners.

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