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Flood Risk - Strategic Assessment

The Swale Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

A Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been completed for Swale Borough Council by JBA Consulting (March 2020).

The SFRA will be used to:

Where can I see the Assessment?

The main report and the Appendices can be found here:

Swale Borough Council Level 1 SFRA - Main Report

Appendix A - Historic Flooding

Appendix B - Watercourses

Appendix C - Flood Zones and Surface Water Functional Flood Zones

Appendix D - Climate Change

Appendix E - Risk of Flooding from Surface Water

Appendix F - Groundwater   (only available in PDF format)

Appendix G - Reservoir Inundation  

Appendix H.1 - Flood Defences

Appendix H.2 - Flood Defence Types

Appendix H.3 - Flood Defence Standard of Protection

Appendix H.4 - Flood Defence Condition

Appendix I - Breach Locations and Extents

Appendix J - Flood Warning and Alert Areas

Appendix K - Site Screening Spreadsheet 

Appendix L - Potential areas for flood defence improvements

The flood zone maps, maps showing the effects of climate change and the risk of flooding from surface water maps, are now available on the Council’s public facing interactive mapping system, with the exception of Appendix F.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency are the government’s experts on flood risk. To find out whether you are at risk of flooding, to check flood warnings and make sure you are prepared for a flood situation, please go to the Environment's Agency website.

Updated Climate Change Allowances

Since the completion of the Swale SFRA the Government, informed by the Environment Agency, have published updated guidance on climate change allowances to be used in flood risk assessments and strategic flood risk assessments.

When undertaking an FRA, please refer to the most up to date climate change allowances provided by the Environment Agency.

For queries about any of this information please email or call 01795 417192.


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