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Flood Risk - Strategic Assessment

The Assessment

Flooding Image

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been completed for Swale Borough Council (October 2009) in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk and the accompanying Practice Guide. It has been prepared by Halcrow Group Limited in conjunction with the Environment Agency.

The SFRA will be used to:

  • inform the plan-making process of the Local Development Framework (LDF), in particular the Core Strategy and guide development to the safest areas
  • update the Environment Agency's online flood risk maps for Swale
  • assist Development Control decisions
  • assist Developers in the preparation of Flood Risk Assessments
  • help prioritise and target improvements to flood defences and prepare for flood emergencies


New tidal flood modelling of the North Kent Coast, including the whole of the Swale Borough coastline, has been completed by the Environment Agency and is available from them on request.

This new modelling provides updates to the information available in the SFRA. However, modelled data within the SFRA - particularly breach mapping - is still considered to be valid.

How can I see the Assessment?

The main report, the flood zone maps and maps showing the effects of climate change as well as a full list of maps available to purchase are freely available and can be provided to interested parties by contacting or calling 01795 417377.

You can also view our flood risk assessment document online.

We also have a suite of GIS maps which are available at £10 / layer (up to a maximum of £100).

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Supplementary Document (PDF 42kb) provides guidance on the change of use or redevelopment of previously developed land within the 1:20 year flood risk area of Faversham Creek and has been produced in consultation with the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency

To find out whether you are at risk of flooding, to check flood warnings and make sure you are prepared for a flood situation, please go to the Environment's Agency website.

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