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Houseflies have been known to carry over 100 different kinds of diseases causing germs.


An image of a Housefly, Bluebottle Fly and a Cluster Fly.

Pest biology

Houseflies are commonly found where people work or live for the ready supply of food. Bluebottles, which are larger than the common housefly, are particularly attracted by meat and decaying materials.

Bluebottles can smell food from up to 2 km.

Problems they cause

Bluebottles and houseflies go from filth to food in a short time and have the ability to carry diseases such as gastroenteritis (tummy bug), salmonella, cholera, typhoid and they can also possibly transmit intestinal worms.

What you can do to help

Good hygiene is paramount when controlling fly infestations. Drains should be cleaned frequently, particularly near kitchens. Waste bins should be covered to avoid providing the ideal breeding conditions for flies.

Commercial Control Methods

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