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Events - Licensing Requirements

There are a number of application forms that you will need to completed if you wish to sell alcohol at a public event. This page explains the information required and where to find the application forms.

If you wish to sell alcohol or provide regulated entertainment at your event and the event is likely to attract less than 500 people you will simply need to complete a Temporary Events Notice, which costs £21.00. The form is available to download to the right of this page.

If your event will attract 500 people or more then you will require a full Premises Licence which costs £635.00.

The key forms you will need to complete are:

All forms are available at the bottom of this page.

Information Required with each application:

Premises Licence

Personal Licence

Once the Premises Licence has been granted, it is advised that the 'Designated Premises Supervisor' completes the form called the ' Designated Premises Supervisor Letter of Authorisation'. They would list the name of all the people working behind the bar(s) and then keep a copy of the form behind each bar. This means that each sale of alcohol is authorised by the DPS without them having to be present at all times.

More Information

What is 'Regulated Entertainment'? 

Under the Licensing Act 2003, Regulated Entertainment is defined as any entertainment that is provided to members of the public, or a section of the public, or with a new of making a profit.

The descriptions of entertainment are as follows:

Useful web pages

Documents to download:

Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Letter of Authorisation

Download the form to confirm that you are the Designated Premises Supervisor.

Premises Supervisor Consent

Download the consent form for a person being specified as a premises supervisor.

Convictions Disclosure Form

Download the form to let us know of any previous convictions.

Personal Licence Application Form

Download the application form for a personal licence.

Premises Licence Application

Download the form to apply for a premises licence.

Temporary Event Notice Application Form

Download the application form for a temporary event notice.
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