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We're experiencing technical problems with our Council Tax phone line. If your enquiry is urgent, you can email, including your Council Tax reference number. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Environment Wardens

Our Environment Warden service covers the Borough, 52 weeks a year excluding weekends, with their rounds and daily hours varying according to the season. Our Environment wardens provide all year maintenance for the parks, sports pitches and green spaces in the Borough. 

Park visits

Regular visits are scheduled to every green amenity in the borough to ensure that our local parks and the facilities in them are kept in good condition. These visits help us to make sure that play areas are safe for children to use and that litter bins are being regularly emptied. Park visits also help to control litter and dog fouling in the Borough.

The wardens' work includes:

Park inspections

Regular inspections are carried out by the wardens to ensure that all of our children's play areas are clean, that park bins are emptied, and that fences and gates are secure. Regular checks are also carried out to make sure that the furniture and play equipment at each site is safe and free from defects. Sports facilities are checked to be in good condition and meet our quality standards.

Park hygiene

Wardens manage the hygiene standards in Swales parks and green facilities, check that litter and dog bins are kept in a good condition and are being regularly emptied, they monitor the levels of littering and dog fouling and work to ensure that our area is kept clean and safe for local residents and visitors.

Reporting problems with park facilities

Please contact our environment wardens through our Customer Services team.

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