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Environment Wardens

Using our Do It Online services, you can report environmental issues, or concerns such as graffiti, fly tipping or dog fouling, or by contacting the customer call centre. Guidance is also available on our website on how to download a smart phone app that will allow residents to photograph and report incidents whilst they are on the go.

The Wardens

Our Environment Wardens are a combination of the award winning Street Warden service and the established, successful Park Ranger Service. The new look team is here to help keep Swale clean, green and safe. They will undertake all of the duties that both teams used to do, with all officers now being able to fulfil all of the tasks.

They can be seen around the borough cleaning graffiti, removing abandoned vehicles, clearing up fly tipping, fixing play equipment or talking to residents about the issues that concern them in their area and reminding them of their responsibilities.

There are seven Environment Wardens and they will be visible in their new blue and orange uniform.

What they deal with

Some of the tasks that they can deal with include:

They also deal with far more issues as well as those listed above.

As well as being a visible presence on the streets and in parks, the Environment Wardens will be holding surgeries around the borough where residents can voice their concerns about what really matters to them.

The Environmental Wardens work with other council officers who deal with animal welfare and also maintain the out of hours noise service that runs from 21.00 - 01.00 on Friday and Saturday evenings. To speak to one of the officers regarding noise call 01795 417850, this number can also be used for any animal Welfare issues including stray dogs during office hours.

To report an out of ours noise complaint, please call 07881 817 601. We also operate an out of hours stray dog service that runs from 17.00 - 21.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 - 21.00 over the weekends and bank holidays to report a stray dog outside office hours phone 07795 237 479.

Customer Service Standards for Environment Response Team

Our customer service standards set out in detail the level of service you can expect from the Environment Response Team at Swale Borough Council.
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