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Disposal of waste cooking oil

Waste Cooking Oil From Catering Premises

The Environment Agency advises that waste cooking oil should be collected and sent for disposal/recovery separately from other commercial waste. Incorporating contained or free waste cooking oil into normal trade waste collection is likely to cause spillage and pollution resulting in a potential Duty of Care offence. Used cooking oil must not be tipped down the drain as it can lead to blockages.

Companies that will collect your waste oil

The companies usually collect about 5 x 20 litre drums at a time. Before oil is collected you should store it in containers which do not leak, keep them covered and keep the surrounding area clean.

If you find you do not have enough waste oil for a collection, then maybe you could join with other nearby food establishments to arrange a joint collection.


The inclusion of a company or contractors on this list does not constitute a recommendation, and no warranties can be given or implied regarding their competence. Companies not included on this list may also be able to provide a satisfactory service.

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