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Your household waste collections will stay the same over the Easter weekend, Friday 19 to Monday 22 April. You can check the date of your next household waste collection online.

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Current consultations

Looking Ahead - consultation is now closed.

Swale Borough Council published an early consultation document intended to inform the next Local Plan. Called "Looking Ahead", the document asked some key questions about the issues facing Swale to the year 2038. The consultation on this was open from 27th April 2018 until 11th June 2018. 

We also published a quick questionnaire in order to help us establish future priorities. 

This consultation event is now closed and the results have been reported to Councillors and this, together with our technical research, will be used to draft the next stage of the plan.

How do I take part in a consultation?

For most of our Local Plan consultations we use an online Consultation Portal, which has the following advantages:

You can read documents and consultation comments without the need to register. To provide any comments on a current consultation, you need to register before using our consultation portal.

You can also view our consultation documents at the Swale Borough Council Offices and libraries during these locations’ normal opening times:

 Written representations on documents should be made either:

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