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CSP Minutes 08 December 2010

Swale Community Safety Partnership Executive

Summary of the meeting held on 8 December 2010 at Swale House

Abdool Kara, Swale Borough Council (Co-Chair)
Barry Weeks, Kent YOS
Bill Ronan, Kent County Council
Charlotte Hudson, Swale Borough Council
Emma Wiggins, Swale Borough Council
Kay Underdown, Swale Mediation Service
Kevin Swinney, Kent Police
Matthew McGill, MP Support Office
Samantha Jones, KFRS
Stephanie Mead, CSP
Theresa Seal, Kent Youth Service
Tony Henley, Kent Police
Tracey Kadir, Kent Probation

Eileen Martin, Tom Gates, John Morris, Jonathan Sexton, Leanne Farach, Lesleigh Bounds.

428. Welcome and Introductions

Brief introductions were undertaken and apologies given.

429. Minutes - Accuracy

It was noted that the date on the previous set of minutes was not correct, and requested that page numbers be included on all sets of future minutes.

430. Matters Arising - Actions Outstanding

AK provided an update on Minute 426 Place Based Budgeting. Kent has been chosen as a pilot for families with complex needs, rather than just offender management, and is expecting a paper for the joint chairs early next week selecting Swale and Thanet as the initial pilots within Kent. However, no additional funding will be provided  instead the pilot will involve the pooling of existing budgets.

Updates on actions were circulated on the action sheet with the papers for the minutes, including those which are now complete. Those that were not marked as completed were discussed in the meeting at this point, or were due to be discussed under later agenda items.

No. Action Status
277 Stronger Group to lead on developing a Prevent strategy. Stronger Group is leading - however few volunteers for a steering group to date. Prevent and CONTEST are being reviewed by the Government who are currently consulting local agencies, and the CSP will respond. TH also to speak to Chris Bryant regarding potential tensions with the new mosque.
283 ASB Focus Groups to be undertaken in relation to perceptions of ASB. SM advised that she had circulated a summary and the final report from these focus groups and briefly summarised the findings. TH advised that this report should feed into discussions at the Away Day, and that a regular newspaper column could be a good idea. AK raised that the group would also need to make a decision regarding the importance of perceptions. Further action: To review findings inline with CSP Plan Refresh at Away Day and provide a ˜You Said we Did response to participants.
296 Performance report to include direction of travel of position within MSG. SM advised that iQuanta cannot provide this information. Action discharged.

431. General Updates From Agencies Regarding New Government

AK invited all members of the group to provide an update on their current situation.

TK advised that within Kent Probation they are still awaiting their budget but are developing worst case scenarios, which would more than likely mean a loss of staff. The Rehabilitation Green Paper has just been released which will have a big impact on the service. There has been some bad publicity regarding Community Sentencing and Probation need to work to change the publics perceptions on this, which could be achieved through a regular CSP newspaper column. Community Payback may also go out to tender for a national contract, that Kent Probation could not bid for alone.

BW advised that within YOS their Head of Service had left and an interim was in place.  Budgets are still unknown as many of those for YOS come from Kent Police and Probation. The Green Paper also has implications for them. AK advised that there could be a big link for YOS through the Community Budgeting pilot.

BR explained that KCC are internally restructuring, with the final structure to be agreed on 16 December.  The Decentralisation and Localism Bill is due to be released shortly which will have an impact on his team, along with the final Vision for Kent strategy. BRs team will be moved to a different directorate.

TS is also awaiting the decision on the 16 December as to the structure of the Youth service, but anticipates front line services being protected. AK explained that there are a lot of opportunities coming forward, particularly under the ˜Bold Steps agenda.

TH explained that the announcement of their budget had been delayed, but that Kent Police had already found the anticipated savings required for next year. A number of options for a new structure were currently being discussed, which is likely to see a move to district-based services coupled with larger BCUs. He also advised that he and CH would be utilising their own agencies procedures regarding putting staff funded by the CSP within the CSU at risk, but would be briefing all affected staff members next week.

SJ advised that internal changes within KFRS were progressing, with the new Risk reduction Station Manager, the link for the CSP, to be in place by February. Their Chief Officer would also be taking early retirement in the New Year, and Ann Millington would replace him effective from 1 February. There would also be changes affecting the central community safety team and creating more specialist roles.

KU provided a brief update on the current situation for Swale Mediation Service. Funding is a concern as core funding comes from SBC, AmicusHorizon and the CSP, whilst the remainder of funding is sought for individual projects. A fundraising campaign has been launched to help limit the impact of cuts in core funding.

EW explained that her restructure of the Economy and Community Services team would continue, which has an impact on the CSU and externally funded staff.  AK also explained that SBC had been experiencing in-year budget pressures that were now under control, and were hoping to hear the funding settlement for 2011/12 early next week - if the cut is 15%, this would be manageable. The SBC Policy team would be reviewing all Bills released and the impact on SBC.

432. Community Saftey Proposed Legislative Changes

A) Home Office Business Plan
SM summarised the circulated report and advised that since she had written it, the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, Drugs Strategy and Reoffending Green Paper had been released. Although the detail of actions that would need to be taken by the CSP will be in each Bill, the Business Plan does provide an action plan for the CSP for the next few months, along with informing the 2011 CSP Plan. SM will review all Bills/ Legislation and draw together for the Away Day in January, and also review the Home Offices monthly update on progress against their Plan.

Action 301: SM to review Bills from a CSP perspective and feed into Away Day Agenda.

B) Community Activists
CH advised that Community Activists appeared to be a reinvention of the Community Crime Fighters programme, which may involve the expansion of the role of Neighbourhood Watch. Baroness Newlove has also created a blog to allow organisations to promote the work that is going in for local communities.

433. ASB Delivery Improvement Plan Update

CH provided an overview of why the CSP ASB Improvement Plan had been commissioned, and an overview of key work undertaken over the past 12 months. This included revisions to the ASB Procedures within the CSU; a number of Operations to tackle ASB; and the Communications and Marketing Plan. However, judging the success of these is problematic as the PLACE survey has been decommissioned and the proxy measures have a small sample size.

AK introduced Matthew McMillan, the support officer for MP Gordon Henderson, who had been invited to hear an update on the role of the CSU is tackling ASB. MM explained that the MP is the focal point for the community and as such receives a lot of ASB complaints, although these have diminished over the last few months as a result of the work of the CSP. He would like to encourage more communication between all organisations, and CH advised that a process for the MP to refer ASB cases into the CSU would be established.

AH raised some issues that he would like to feed back to Gordon Henderson. Firstly, for the review of ASBOs, for GH to note that although these are used sparingly within Swale, something for which we have been criticised, they are seen as the last stage of a case when other interventions have not worked, and on this basis are very effective.  Secondly, that Swale have been very successful in decreasing ASB, though as a result of the snow and resultant snowball throwing, which are classed as ASB, the decrease will be minimal compared with last year. Therefore the definition of ASB needs to be looked at as the data is easily distorted. TH asked if GH was still planning to organise an ASB seminar, and if so whether this would include key people from each agency? AK advised that such a seminar would be better as a joint effort across agencies, and highlighted the risk to continuing to successfully tackle ASB through significantly reducing resources.

434. Performance and Budget Update

A) Community Safety Plan Progress
SM presented the performance report that had been circulated. Performance was very positive, and we have moved closer to achieving a number of our targets for the first time this year, including Burglary Dwelling, which shows our success. However, perception performance still appears to be poor, though the sample size for the proxy survey is too small for changes to be statistically significant, though the overall trend may be useful. Gun Crime has risen, but the number of incidents is very small and so this is not a priority for the CSP, and TH explained that the ANPR camera on the Island could help limit this in the future. TH also advised that Swale is one of only three districts to see a decrease in crime, but because of the snow in January/February 2010, when crime levels were very low, this may impact on performance later in the year. An emerging challenge is rural crime, which is starting to increase. EW also commented on the success against NI 32, % domestic abuse repeat victims, where Swale is performing well, but there is a risk to performance due to risk of funding cuts.

B) Budget 2010/11 Update
SM presented her funding update paper and advised that there is still unallocated funds within the ASB Delivery Improvement and Public Confidence budgets, which CH has provisionally agreed could be carried forwards for campaigns next year when funding will be limited. TH provided an update on funding he was seeking for the ANPR Camera, and advised that the LSP had provided the remainder of the funding required, although where possible some of this would be recycled to go towards other projects.

SM was also seeking approval for allocation of the SBC Youth Diversion budget as the previous tender for a NEET project did not return any bids. Although awaiting final paperwork, the proposal was for a Safety in Action project, which would educate school children around safety and had been run very successfully in other parts of the county. CH advised that it may be possible to fund this from the ASB Delivery Improvement budget as AK suggested that it could be put towards the Community Budgeting Pilot. It was agreed that once the final amount of funding required for this Safety in Action project was known and paperwork received, the co-chairs could sign off the spend.

Action 302: Paperwork for Safety in Action project to be sent to co-chairs for agreement of funding allocation.

C) Substance Misuse Group Update
The Substance Misuse Group met on Monday, and discussed a number of ongoing projects. The Group discussed the new Drugs strategy published by the Government, although its full detail had not yet been broken down; funding agreement for a series of alcohol education workshops for young people; and the interim report for the South East Coastal Communities Alcohol research being undertaken on the Island.

D) Stronger Update
EW provided a brief update on progress of the Stronger Group which included an update on the Ward walks, LEF review, and Neighbourhood Agreement. A funding bid has been submitted to NESTA, which would enable community work to continue in Murston and Sheerness East. The outcome of this bid should be known next week.

E) PTCG Update
SM provided an update of the first meeting of the revised PTCG and improvements that should be made, including linkage with the Executive and more focus on strategic priorities, such as perceptions. KS discussed how this group used to be very operational but needed to deliver against CSP objectives. AK suggested that this group focus on red/amber areas within the performance report, and that formal reporting to the Executive was not required. TH suggested that John Farrell, the researcher within the CSU, be utilised to create a problem profile for each performance issue identified.

434. Future Planning

A) CSU Future
CH explained that due to uncertainty regarding funding for partnership posts within the CSU, a meeting had been held to plan for a number of scenarios around how functions can be sustained or redeveloped. The SKDG are contemplating merging the CSU function across the county with those of the Offender Management Units as there is overlap between the two, but full details of this proposal from Kent Police are unknown. Formal proposals for the future of the CSU will be brought to the Away Day in January.

Action 303: Proposals for the future of the CSU and Partnership Posts to be determined and brought to the Executive.

B) Community Based Budgeting
As discussed earlier in the meeting. EW added that the pilot would be implemented by April but there would be no additional funding.

435. Strategic Assessment and Away Day

The CSP Away Day has been scheduled for Thursday 27 January, between 9.30am and 1.00pm. SM has circulated a draft of the Strategic Assessment to partners for their comments and additional data, and requires these ahead of the Away Day to inform the final version.

Action 304: All to feed back comments/amendments on Strategic Assessment to SM by beginning of January.

436. Swale Safe Award

Jenny Bravery, Sally Henley, Alan Ogilvie and Sandy Hobbs joined the meeting.

TH introduced SwaleSafe, the local Business Crime Reduction Partnership, who have been awarded a distinction in their recent audit for the Safer Business Award. SH and JB presented an overview of the work of SwaleSafe over the past 18 months, which included launching their website and expanded their service to cover Leysdown. TH also highlighted the improvements made in Leysdown as a result of partnership activity over the past year. Alan Ogilvie highlighted a number of potential barriers for Swale Safe, which were as a result of limited Capital budget, and included the movement of an aerial mast on the Sheerness District Office. AK asked for SwaleSafe to advise of capital budget required as it may be that the CSP could support this in the new financial year.

404. Any Other Business

CH advised the group that the Kent Information exchange Protocol has been amended and as such may need to be reviewed locally. It will also be taken to the Public Services Board.

KU informed the group that the new Mediation DVD was available for purchase and that copies were also available in the CSU and Members offices.

TK explained that there was Big Lottery Funding available for voluntary and community groups and local authorities for initiatives to enable people to enjoy local activities. AK and EW were already aware of funding availability.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 2 February, Sittingbourne Police Station

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