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The council offices will be closed over the Easter Bank Holiday, Friday 30 March and Monday 2 April. Your bin collections will remain the same. For more information on your bin collection days, you can visit our collection day page.

Countryside Management Partnership

The Medway Swale Estuary Countryside Management Partnership works in our part of Kent to improve access to and understanding of Kent's countryside, as well as enhancing natural landscapes and habitats. Kent County Council has produced a short film explaining the work it does which can be found on YouTube - Countryside Management Video.

Countryside Management Partnerships are local conservation management specialists. Essentially, they are people and organisations that have the skills and access to resources to help get land into tip-top ecological condition, and to promote its use to local people.

They are:

The partnerships work with owners of land (parish councils, schools, companies and farmers) to improve access to the countryside by:

This is conservational management, and many owners of land need help to do it well. The partnerships co-operate with one another and with bodies like the Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, to make sure we pool our resources as much as possible to achieve as much as we can with the funds available.

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