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Have you had a change in circumstances?

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Have you had a pay increase, or an increase in your private pension or any other income?

Has any one moved in or out of your home?

If you are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you must either email, telephone 01795 417555 or tell us in writing immediately if there is any change in your circumstances or the circumstances of anyone else in your household. Even small changes may affect your entitlement.

You can download the Change of Circumstances Form (PDF 105kb), fill it in giving full details of the change, sign it and send it to us. If you phone us we may tell you that you must confirm some changes of circumstances in writing.

Examples of changes you must tell us about:

These are just a few of the changes that you must tell us about. If you have any doubt as to what you should tell us tell us anyway. If you delay in telling us about a change that would increase your benefit you may lose money.

If you receive a Pension Credit from the Pension Service you only need to tell us about:

If you do not tell us about a change in your circumstances or deliberately give false information in order to get more benefit than you should you might be prosecuted.

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