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Carbon Footprint? - what's yours

So what's a carbon footprint?

The Earth receives energy from the Sun in the form of solar energy. The Earth reflects about a third of the incoming energy, the remaining two thirds is absorbed; warming the land, atmosphere and oceans. For Earth's temperature to be in a steady state, the absorbed energy must be very closely balanced by energy that radiates back out into space.

There is strong evidence that human emissions of greenhouse gases, the gases that trap the returning energy under the Earth's atmosphere, are changing the world's climate; a serious problem that will affect us all.

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced. It is measured in units of carbon dioxide; the main greenhouse gas. Understanding and acting on your carbon footprint is an excellent way to do your bit to help reduce global warming.

Did you know?...

10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Improve your home

Using household appliances

On the road

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