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Building control

South Thames Gateway (STG) Building Control Partnership

Is a joint venture between three of the Thames Gateway councils Gravesham, Medway and Swale forming a cohesive partnership offering expertise, flexibility and professionalism for your building control requirements.

Find us at South Thames Gateway Building Control

STG Building Control Consultancy

We provide a professional Building Regulation service to building project teams within the construction industry. For all your SAP, EPC, DEC and SBEM requirements and Fire access and sustainability advice.


Website: STGBC - Consultancy
Call: 01634 331133

STG Building Control Partnership
Foord Annex
Eastgate House
High Street
Kent ME1 1EW

Minicom: 01634 333111

Accessibility for disabled people

Disabled access

We are striving to remove the barriers faced by disabled people and to promote actively their equality of opportunity.
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