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Booking an appointment

to discuss Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Advice and information about Housing Benefit or Council Tax support has moved to an appointment system. You can make an appointment to see a member of staff at any of our Council offices

If you book you will not have to wait until a member of staff is available. You will be seen at the time you have been given and we will have your case notes ready.

If you cannot get to your appointment or if you are unsure whether you need an appointment please let us know, or cancel online, so that your appointment can be given to someone else.

Do I need an appointment to drop off documents?

You do not need an appointment to do this. In a further move to simplify Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claims, we are now able to accept supporting documents electronically.

This means scanned images, or pictures of original documents can be emailed. You can drop them off to one of our three Council offices.

Please note that customers should allow up to 22 days when making a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax support.

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