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Benefit Fraud

Anti Fraud Strategy

We pay out more than £30 million in Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.

Any benefit fraud diverts money from people in need and puts an additional financial burden on every taxpayer.

Help us fight against fraud

You can help us fight against fraud:

Anti fraud hotline

You can talk to someone during normal office hours or simply leave a message for us to follow up.

Report fraud online

You can also report benefit fraud online through theĀ .GOV website

Our Strategy

Councillors and Officers of Swale Borough Council are committed to combating benefit fraud and are developing a strategy to:

  1. STOP - Fraudulent claims from entering our systems
  2. FIND - Any fraudulent claims already in the system
  3. STOP - Payments going to people who are not entitled to it
  4. PUNISH - Those people who commit fraud
  5. RECOVER - Overpayments of benefit where appropriate
  6. DETER - People from trying to commit fraud

To help us beat fraud:

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