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Assisted bin collections

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Who is eligible for assisted collections?

The assisted collection service is provided for households where there is no one living at the property that is physically able to carry the rubbish and recycling to the boundary for collection. 

How do I book the assisted collection service?

You can contact the Customer Service Team on 01795 417888 to arrange this.

How does the assisted collection service work?

If you’re eligible for the service, we can arrange assisted collections for your rubbish, recycling and garden waste (where applicable).

You’ll need to agree a location for us to collect your rubbish/recycling. Our crews won’t come into your home or collect from sheds or garages.

We may contact you later to check you still need the service and are still eligible.

How long does the assisted collection service last?

Twelve months. This assisted collection service is for people who are permanently unable physically to carry their waste and/or recycling to the collection point.

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