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Art and history competition

1915: then and now

First World War in Swale art competition Award Ceremony 2015

What does the First World War mean to you?

The '1915: then and now 'project, enabled artists and historians to visit Oasis Academy and Abbey school, inspiring pupils to imagine what life would have been like in 1915 and what the impact of WW1 had on Swale. There was a series of workshops and talks during summer where pupils learnt about wartime themes such as ‘make do and mend’ and ‘the home front’, as well as local WW1 events such as the explosion of Princess Irene near Sheerness, and the Zeppelin Raid on Sittingbourne in June 1915.

The project was funded by Swale Borough Council, Ideas Test, South East Museum Development Programme, and Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

50 artworks were entered into the competition, some of which are on show in the digital archive.

The exhibition showcasing the artwork took place in the Alexander Centre, Faversham.

The final artworks were judged by Councillor Andrew Bowles Leader of the Council, Community officer, Martin Goodhew, and artist Nicole Mollett from Ideas Test.

The Mayor Anita Walker and Councillor Sue Gent, Martin Goodhew Nicole Mollett presented 8 prizes to the young artists.

1st Prize

Women on the Frontline by Chloe Collins 16 yrs

Oasis Isle of Sheppey Academy

'My piece of art work that I have painted shows the lives of the women working as they stayed at home. When you look at the piece there are men in the background marching, and some are fading as this shows the lost men of World War One. My inspiration was from my great nan's WI badge. This helped me as the WI originally starting during WW1. I learnt a lot about WW1 in Swale. The women working hard and how different Sittingbourne looked then and now.'

Winning artwork Women on the Frontline by Chloe Collins

2nd Prize

19th March by Anna Majewska, 23 yrs

'My artwork has been inspired by a very tragic event that happened on the 19th March 1916, when bomb we dropped over Kent. During the attack five children were killed while walking to Sunday school. My piece portrays a reconstruction of this event in a different and more colourful approach to show what it may have looked like if it happened today. It depicts a tragedy about to happen. I decided to paint this incident to remember the innocent children and adults that died during the First World War.'

Second prize artwork 19th March by Anna Majewska

3rd Prize

Faversham Postcard by Holly Crowhurst, 16yrs

The Abbey School

'This artwork was a recreation of a postcard which was sent out during WW1 to Faversham inhabitants, which reads 'don't be alarmed! The national reserves are at Faversham'. It is important to remember that access to materials and supplies during the war were limited. For my artwork i used scrap materials and cut offs like people would have used in the war.

During my research I learnt that Faversham is on the invasion route into London, so there were defences set up around the town such as cannons. These features are an important part of the town's heritage, and should be remembered and appreciated by current and future generations.'

Third prize artwork Faversham Postcard by Holly Crowhurst

Joint Runners Up - Highly Commended

Claire Jackson
Westlands School
Sofia Maden
Morgan Summers

Highly Commended

The Big Fish- working with Oasis Academy
New House Youth Club- working with Justin Aggett
Helena Martin
Jade Huis
Beth Lannings

For more information email or visit the Ideas Test website.

The final artworks were judged by Andrew Bowles, SBC community officer Martin Goodhew, and artist Nicole Mollett.
The Mayor Anita Walker and Counciller Sue Gent, with the assistance of Martin Goodhew (SBC) and Nicole Mollett (Ideas Test) presented the 8 prizes
to the young artists

Poetry and creative writing competition 2014

Winners of the Swale Poetry and Creative Writing Competition held at Oasis Academy.
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