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Following recent severe weather conditions, your normal bin collections were temporarily revised to catch up on missed green bins. All collections have now gone back to their usual schedule. Please make sure you know when your collections are taking place this week: read our waste collections changes page.


Ever dropped food and then seen heaps of ants around a few hours later? Well, worker ants leave scents when they find a good source of food telling other ants where to find it!


An image of a Black Garden Ant and a Pharoah Ant

Pest biology

Ants will usually nest in gardens and areas around buildings. They often will enter your premises in search of food. They are particularly attracted to sweet things such as jam and sugar, but any food scraps lying around will do.

Problems they cause

Garden ants can find the smallest of cracks in buildings, and if they locate a source of food they communicate this to other ants which will lead them into the building. Ants can also transfer pathogens from their feet as they walk from a contaminated area to a clean area.

What you can do to help

Remove food sources, for example, sugary foods. Ensure that all food is kept in sealed containers and that all food/drink spillages are cleared up immediately.

Commercial Control Methods

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