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All about voting

The Electoral Register

To vote in elections and referendum, your name needs to be on the Electoral Register. The Electoral Register lists the names and address of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections and referendum. Also being on the electoral register will improve your credit rating.

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) has a legal duty to compile the register for Swale and to keep it up-to-date by carrying out an annual canvass, before re-publishing the register on 1 December each year. The register is updated monthly apart from when the annual canvass is taking place. 

As part of the annual canvass, we send a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) to each property, which lists the names of individuals who are registered to vote at the address. Households are asked to respond to let us know if details are the same, or if there are any changes (for example, new people living at the address, or people have moved out). If we hold an email address for you, we may have also contacted you by email about this e-canvass.

When we receive a response to the HEF or registration email, if people have moved in, then those individuals are invited to register to vote, either by sending them an email inviting them to register (if an email address is provided), or a paper Invitation to Register form.

If you are already registered, then you do not need to re-register to vote. If you are not sure whether you are currently on the electoral register, please contact our customer services team 01795 417316.

Don’t forget that if you have moved house, you need to re-register at your new address. The electoral register is updated before elections, but there are strict deadlines, so make sure you register now if you need to.

How do I register to vote?

If you are not already on the electoral register, you can register to vote in local, national, and European elections as well as referendums if you are:

The registration system changed in June 2014 to individual electoral registration and everyone is now responsible for registering themselves:

What address should I register at?

When registering to vote a person must give their home address. If you have moved to a residential home then this should be the address you use. If you live an equal amount of time in two properties, e.g. you are a student, you can register at both your home address and student accommodation, but you cannot vote more than once in the same election.

Where can I find out further information about registering to vote; the electoral register; voting; postal and proxy votes?

To find out more about voting visit the Your Vote Matters website.

When is the next election?

The next scheduled election is for the Milton Regis ward on 3 August, 2017.

If you would like to know where your Polling Station is please check the find your nearest pages on the Swale website.

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