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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

The Housing Act 2004 requires Swale Borough Council to license certain types of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Houses in multiple occupation are premises in which tenants share parts of the accommodation (kitchens, bathrooms, toilets or simply the hallway or stairs) with people who are not part of the same household.

The types of HMO that should be licensed

The landlord or managing agents of these properties are now legally required to hold a license.

If the owner or person acting on his/her behalf does not apply for a license they are committing a criminal offence and may result in prosecution and a large fine. In addition, rents paid on an unlicensed property may be recoverable via the Residential Property Tribunal under certain circumstances.

To enquire further about licensing and HMOs generally please contact us using the details provided above.

More Information

Links to more information about HMO from Swale Borough Council (Link open in a new window).


Houses in Multiple Occupancy

Find out more information about HMO's. (PDF)

Licensing of HMO's - Tenants Guide

View the tenants guide to Houses in Multiple Occupation. (PDF)
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