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Clinical waste

Waste Wizard search

You can use our Waste Wizard tool to search for things you can put in your household waste including your recycling and garden waste.

To provided a more consistent service to you, we've now stopped replacing sharps boxes when we collect them. For more information, you can read our collecting sharps page.

Safe disposal

We provide a free collection service for the safe disposal of infectious clinical waste for householders within the Borough. The following sanitary waste items are classed as non-infectious and can be put in a tied up bag and placed into your green bin or black sacks:

Infectious waste

We provide free yellow clinical sacks and a free service to collect infectious waste such as:

Please email our customer service team or phone 01795 417850 to arrange for your yellow sacks to be collected on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 'as and when' basis.

Medical needles

Please email our customer service team or phone 01795 417850 to request a free collection of your sharps box. We will arrange a day to collect your medical needles and can deliver a new sharps box if required.

Needles and syringes should never, under any circumstances be placed into your household rubbish bins or recycling collection bags.

Non-medical needles

If you find needles that have been used for non medical purposes, we can arrange for these to be removed quickly and safely. Please email or phone our Customer Service team on 01795 417850.

If you yourself have needles to dispose of that have been used for non medical purposes, Kent drug services can help you.

Collecting sharps boxes

Read about the change to the disposal of your sharps boxes.
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