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Staying Put

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What does Staying Put offer?

Staying Put, a Home Improvement Agency run by Swale Borough Council offers advice, support and help to the elderly, teenage parents, a single parent on benefits, young carers and people with any type of disability who are owner occupiers or private tenants and who need practical assistance to repair, adapt or improve their homes.

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Staying Put can assist you in managing the whole process, removing any anxiety or worries, with work carried out with the minimum of fuss.

Handy Home Repairs service

For residents of Swale who need assistance with those minor jobs around the home that would prevent a fall or are a safety issue, for a small fee the Staying Put Handyperson Service may be able to help you, such jobs include:

Home repairs

Making the home safe

Making the home secure

Home adaptations

Staying Put work hard to keep the labour charges for the Handyperson service as low as possible.

Our Staying Put Handyperson will visit you in your home, he can carry out a Health and Safety Check and will advise you on what work needs to be done and if necessary can refer you on to other schemes that you may benefit from (subject to eligibility.)

Please note this is not an emergency service

Staying Put Scheme - How we can help you

Winter Warmth

If clients are over 65 and have a health issue, Staying Put will visit them in their own home and advise them on how to keep warm this winter. Very cold temperatures can raise blood pressure increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke. It can also make lung conditions worse and reduce your ability to fight infection. Call now for your free winter warmth assessment visit on 01795 417131. You may be entitled to some freebies to help you keep warm.

Finding a reliable, local and trusted builder

We have our own Handyperson for small jobs but for plumbing, electrical and for other larger work that needs to be completed we have reliable, local and trusted contractors who are approved, work to quality standards and offer value for money. This does not mean we can guarantee the standard of work, but it does mean that examples of workmanship have been seen by Council staff and standards of services are being monitored. We can also offer guidance on whether the cost is reasonable.

Regular visits will be made by the Staying put Officer to check that the work has commenced on time and is running smoothly.

Getting money to pay for the work

We are happy to help clients apply for assistance with paying for the work. For example, if you are having trouble getting around the house, in and out of the home or bath we may be able to help you apply for Disabled Facilities Grants.

We will find out you are entitled to a grant from Swale Borough Council and help with the necessary forms and estimates.

You may be eligible for a Home Repair Loan / Grant if your property does not meet the decent homes standard and you are on a means tested benefit. These loans are interest free and are deferred until the property is sold. Staying Put can assist in getting estimates; assist in filling in forms and overseeing the work for these loans.

Feedback from our customers

“Staying Put did not just help, it changed our lives”

"The work was carried out with efficiency and kindness. Staying Put is a great help to me as I am elderly and disabled."

"I find it very comforting to be able to rely on Staying Put for problems which occur in the home. The contractor was efficient and polite and cheerful. Thank you for sending the man to do all the jobs that he did he was a very nice person."

"I cannot thank you enough for my new step. I certainly feel more confident now that the step is lowered. It really is a first class job. It certainly has improved my life. Again many thanks."

"As usual job well done. Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with the response I receive from Staying Put and find everyone very helpful especially as I am having a problem getting around now. I would like to thank them for all they have done and still do for me. With many thanks to all involved."

Staying Put Services Leaflet

View our leaflet on the services provided by Staying Put and our handy person.

Tips on keeping safe in your home

Some key tips to improve safety in your home.
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